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Who we are

We’re experts in developing and designing high-end and complex systems by applying well-known architectures. We make the most out our research background while leveraging the latest tecnologies available in the market.

Software Factory

• Integral Development of Scalable Systems
• Experienced multidisciplinary Agile teams
• Alignment to client’s business goals
• Client-centric project discovery approach

Staff Augmentation

> Individual Talents

• Time zone aligned 

• Fast scalability based on our train-to-hire program

• Instant alignment to client’s internal developing team

• Cost reduction on hiring processes and typical full time internal employee approach

> Agile Pods

• Agile teams focused on software quality & processes

• Perfect mix of experienced, sr and semi sr talents at competitive rates

• Multiple team configurations and options

• DevOps & Cloud engineering


• Academic and research background to develop innovative solutions

• Cutting-edge technologies coming from the research field

• Experience in numerical methods and mathematical optimization

• Solutions with Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT concepts

Companies trusting us

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UX/UI Centric web and mobile development

Interdisciplinary user-centered design built with leading technologies for desktop, mobile and web creating multiplatforms solutions with unique user experiences.

Making life easier for our customers

From friendly UI design to simple and easy code & deploy Helping customers migrate to new technologies minimizing costs Win new customers and expand your business with tailor-made or out-of-the box solutions

Engineering power leveraged by the best technologies

JQuery | Angular | Spring | Android | iOS | Node | React | Java | .NET | JMeter | Selenium Docker | Kubernetes | AWS | Azure

Turning ideas into products and bring them to market

Complex Architecture Design

Scalable and high-level design options. Definition of technical standards on software coding, tools, and platforms

Quality Engineering

Comprehensive E2E quality processes.

QA Automation frameworks and tools to ensure quality and provide scalability.

DevOps Technologies

Cloud and in-house infrastructure. Standard build-package-deploy model, load balancing, alerting & monitoring alternatives. Custom metrics configurations. Security, scalability and sites’ uptime performance.

Support and Maintenance

Technical support, maintenance and development of your existing applications. Real-time software support. Cost-effective IT-infrastructure. Smooth and reliable runs.

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Growing your Engineering Career Path

Trainee Development Program for young UNICEN graduates in Frontend, Backend, QA Automation, DevOps and DBA areas

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